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Let Us Find Your Next Vehicle  

Take the stress and hassle out of purchasing your next vehicle by letting us find the perfect automobile to meet your specific needs. 


Why browse hundreds of ads online or head down to a dealership yourself when trained and experienced professionals can not only do it for you, but secure you a better price?

Let's face it - seeking out a new vehicle can be an incredibly stressful experience. What make/model/year is the best choice? How do I know if the vehicle is safe? What kind of history comes along with my new ride? Are there any potential problems that may be common with this model? How can I avoid overpaying? So many questions, yet so few places to find the right answers! This is where Andrews Auto Gallery steps in to simplify things for you!


Why not leave this task up to someone who sees buying cars not only as a career, but as a passion? Warwick Andrews, our owner and operator, has been buying and selling vehicles of all varieties for nearly a decade. He not only has vast experience with securing the best deals when purchasing units, but has a great amount of knowledge regarding which make/model is most reliable and what kind of issues to watch for. Let this knowledge and experience be put to work for you!


The process is simple: You let us know what kind of vehicle you would like - be as picky as you'd like! - and we do the searching for you. Shortly after, a list of potential candidates will be sent to you for your perusal, along with the approximate price you should expect to pay for each vehicle. If you see something you'd like, we take a 25% deposit on the vehicle and purchase it providing the price stays within your agreed upon budget. Next, we ensure a full PPI (post-purchase inspection) is completed for insurance and cautionary purposes. On the rare occasion that something is wrong with the vehicle that was not disclosed prior to sale, this gives us the option to arbitrate and mitigate any problems. Once all is in order, we pick up the vehicle, deliver it to your driveway, deal with the paperwork involved, and the transaction is complete! 


If you decide your new pick-up truck would look better hauling a new boat - we can find this for you as well! Maybe an ATV, snowmobile, or bike would compliment it even further? Leave it up to us - we can source this for you, too. Whatever your vehicle needs, allow us to meet them while you relax and daydream about adventures yet to come with your new rides.

Questions We'll Ask:

  • What kind of vehicle are you looking for - a pickup? Minivan? Sports car? Speed boat? ATV? Motorbike?

  • Is this a family vehicle, or a vehicle for work?

  • Do you need the ability to haul large or heavy items?

  • Will there be children in the vehicle often?

  • What style, color, and age of vehicle is desired?

  • Automatic or manual transmission?

  • What is your budget?

  • When would you like your new vehicle ready? 

  • Looking for financing or trade-ins?

What You'll Get:

  • A vehicle that meets your specific needs and preferences, be they work-related or personal

  • Peace of mind in knowing that the vehicle we select for you will be safe, reliable, and something you can enjoy for a long time

  • A load of stress off your shoulders while you sit back, relax, and allow us to bring the perfect vehicle directly to you!

  • A PPI (Post-Purchase Inspection) to ensure all is in line with your new automobile

  • Your new vehicle ready to go when you need it, according to your schedule

  • A financing plan that fits your budget and needs

Let our expertise, connections, and experience work for you!
Fill in the contact form below or give us a call at (403) 681 5151 

to take the first step towards owning the vehicle of your dreams!

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