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Customer Feedback​


What are people saying about Andrews Auto Gallery?


Please note: These reviews have been taken from public sites, such as our Google+ Page, and therefore have not been altered by our company in any way. 

"Warwick found me a great truck, based on the criteria that it had to get me through snowdrifts, travel long distances in comfort, be not too expensive, and look great! The Tacoma he matched me up with is a few years old but runs and looks like new. He tuned up some minor details like a battery that wouldn't hold a charge and a leaky tire, without complaints and very promptly. I hope he finds me a sports car now. I would recommend Andrews Auto Gallery to anyone who is looking for a vehicle that suits your needs perfectly at a great price. No wonder he calls his shop a "gallery." It is a class act."

Lorene Shyba, April 2015, via Google+

"The listing of the vehicle was 100%. Communication from Warwick Andrews (Owner) was first class. Very customer driven. Good honest trade-in value for my truck. Out of province buy and it was made easy with great service and clear direction. Andrews Auto Gallery Inc, is one of those honest people that are few and far between. Very happy and so is the wife which is a bonus."

June 2015, via Google+

"Overall, my experience with Andrews Auto Gallery was great! The owner, Warwick Andrews, was able to provide me with an economical and reliable 2009 Chevy Aveo at a great price. I've been driving for about six months now without issue. When it's time to upgrade I will definitely be heading back here!"

Alissa Renschler, August 2016, via Google+

"Andrews Auto Gallery researched the very best Porsche for the sportscar money we had and Warwick found us our perfect car, and a cabriolet to boot. He bid on it at a Toronto auction, had it shipped, made sure it passed the out-of-province inspection and passed along the keys. What a great car! Couldn’t have done it on our own."

Christopher Evans, Sept. 2015, via Google+

"Owner was more then helpful. All information and background/safety checks were given upon request. I flew in from out of province to pick up the vehicle. Warwick picked us up at 8pm from the airport and we were able to complete the transaction by 9pm. These guys know there stuff, they don't mess you around and they truly want you to be happy with the product." 

April 2016, via Google+

October 2016, via Google+

"Warwick was a great, straightforward salesman. The most likable salesman I've ever encountered. Took home a 2014 Hyundai Accent for the absolute best price on the market. Would definitely recommend stopping by his gallery."

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"Great transaction. Warwick was honest and forth coming about the whole deal. Bought a 2014 Nissan Frontier, mint and priced better than most. He also gave me some solid advice on the situation I was in with my other truck. You can buy with confidence from this outfit."










November 2015, via Google+

"I bought an Audi A3 from Andrews, and I have had it for 2 months now. The car has been as advertised, nothing was hidden and everything was upfront. He was super easy to work with and so easy to communicate with. Def would come back for more, and I have already recommended people to keep their eye on Andrews Auto Gallery."

September 2015, via Google+

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